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Conversions And Upgrades
( To Improve Efficiency, Production And Saftey )

DCB Die-Cut Stackers

1)  Processor conversion to replace obsolete
    A. B. SLC 100 and 150 with A. B. 502 processors.

2)  Blower tube for beater section with individual
    nozzles (9) that can be aimed in required direction.

3)  Pozi-stack system (side joggers)

4)  Touch screen electronics

2NI Die-Cut Stackers

1)  Flat section conversion to decrease 8" drop
    out of beater to 3 1/2 " drop

2)  Belt tracker and trailer conversion to support
    the incline conveyor belts and give separation
    on the multi-out operations

3)  Pozi-stack system (side joggers)

Folded Carton Stackers

1)  Squaring section

DNS II and DNS II A Down Stackers

1)  Roll-up saftey curtains

2)  7 1/2 H.P. electric drive conversion
    to replace the Eaton Eddy current drives

3)  Lifts with 4" diameter rollers and 1" shafts
    converting to 4 1/4" rollers and 1 1/4 shafts

4)  Conversion to eliminate the scissor lifts,
    converting to 4 corner hydraulic cylinder lift.

Greene Line Manufacturing will custom retrofit your equipment to your specifications and we will guarantee it to meet the specifications.
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